Monday, December 30, 2013

After Xmas sale at Target

I have a quick post tonight regarding all the sales going on at Target. I was able to catch up on my shopping earlier and wanted to share my deals. Currently, target has sales on all their xmas related items  (75% off) and baby items such as car seats are also on sale. I was able to grab an infant car seat for $60 on clearance (original price of $100). 

Today I spent under $10 for Xmas items and got all this: 

Bows were on clearance for $0.75c package of 30 bows. Target had a large selection of ribbons left but i'm not a big fan of fancy ribbon because it makes it hard to open the presents. I usually just wrap the presents and if they are lucky they get a bow. I always try to plan ahead and already know that xmas next year will be blue, white, and gold/silver, like my living room colors. This year decorations were all mismatched because I simply didn't want to spend the extra money on stuff that I already had. Boxes were $0.75c for a package of 3. They are sturdy and roomy enough to actually put a present in. Boxes weren't a super deal but it was convenient and they don't take much space to store. 

I also got some tags for $0.75c. They aren't a super deal but I like them because they are large and simple. I usually just get the dollar tree tags but I notice they are getting smaller and smaller every year with no room to write on. They also look like they are made of better quality too. 

Lastly, I bought lots of wrapping paper. I have my own collection of wrapping paper from previous sales but I got some more today. The colors were all blue, white, and gold/silver to match my colors for next year. The big set on the very left was $2.50 and the other two smaller sets were only $1.xx

Happy holiday shopping everyone and go out and find all the good deals. 

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