Saturday, August 13, 2016

Longest bathroom reno

I'm back today with some updates on our bathroom renovation. Last time I left off, everything was pulled out and I had just tiled the floors. We came across some mold and plumbing issues that painfully costed us $1500. We had to redo the plumbing to accommodate a tub since it was originally a shower and completely redo the subfloor because it had mold. Then I had oral surgery. So everything had to be delayed.

Here are some quick pictures I snapped. The kids bathroom has no window and is tiny so I decided to stick with light and bright colors to try to open up the space.  The floors are a nice light gray wood look tile. I got them at a discounted tile store locally for $1.50 sf.

For the vanity, I choose a white with marble top to brighten up the space. Since the vanity is the first thing you see when you walk into the room, I wanted to get something a little more fancy. I didn't want to go custom since that would cost a lot so I searched CL and found this brand new vanity for only $450. It's sold online for over $1000. Heres the specs from HomeDepot. vanity. It has fancy crystal knobs and soft close drawers. 

Up next on my shopping list was a new white and shiny tub. I wanted a nice and deep tub and found a new one on CL for $140. Its sold at Home Depot for $350. Heres the info for anyone interested. bathtub

After tub was put in, it took forever to start tiling. I enlisted the help of my cousin to put in the niche and make the difficult round cuts for the faucets. I choose a white carrara marble tile to brighten up the space. I bought them from Home depot at a discounted price. Here's the info for those interested. 

 For the niche, I debated for a long time on what I wanted. Binh wanted a bold backsplash that stands out. I wanted a simple and classic look. I felt that the room is already so small and adding more color and contrasting details will further crowd the room. In the end, Binh let me do whatever I wanted. I'm glad I choose something simple because it goes well with the marble. 

For the toilet, Binh had a special request. He once saw a touchless toilet at a model home and he had to have that toilet. Since Binh's favorite pastime is hiding in the toilet with his laptop, phone and chargers, I gave in to his request.

Here's the actual room layout. Its very strange. The toilet is on the left, vanity right in the middle and tub to the right. I'm hoping that bringing in a big white mirror would further brighten things up. 

I'll be back very soon to update on the final touches of this bathroom. Our handyman is coming tomorrow to install the faucets, shower trim, and caulk. 

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