Friday, January 9, 2015

Living room orb chandelier

I'm back and have exciting hacks to share. Recently after completing my master bedroom orb chandelier I spotted Property brothers orb chandelier and fell in love. I have always loved the orb chandeliers that restoration hardware has but knew I would never spend $1K+ on them. I've been slowly decorating our home but have recently come to realize that the spaces that we use the most, I haven't really decorated. We spend the most time in our living room during the day and in our bedroom at night but those two spaces seem to be the last on my list for some odd reason. I've recently added some simple decor to my bedroom but as for our plain living room its been sitting idle for a while.

For those who have been to our home, our living room is a huge plain room with just the essentials. It has all the basic furniture but no decorations. I think because we have two kids and know the living room needs to be comfortable and require low/no maintenance therefore decorations have been on hold in that space. I love restoration hardware because their spaces seem so effortless, low key, and classic. If you notice their orb chandeliers in the living rooms are always huge and take center attention. Here are some examples: 

I'm not sure if the pictures show how big the room is but our sectional is 18 feet long to give you an idea of how big our living room is. It might look small in pictures but its really big and it doesn't help that the dining area and kitchen is one open space with the living room. So long story short, I need a BIG chandelier and big chandeliers cost BIG money. That idea didn't sit to well with me so I made my own. 

I'm sorry for those who want a tutorial. I have two kids and taking pictures while doing projects lately is near impossible. I'll be glad to answer any questions. I used wood veneer edging to make the big circles. I used wood glue and glued three layers to make the large circles.

EDIT: for those who are interested in the materials that I used

crystal chandelier from amazon for $160
wood veneer edging 1 7/8 from ebay 600 feet non glued $25
duct tape, masking tape, gorilla wood glue, black paint, and clear wire to hang everything up.
Electrician $150 to add wiring to the ceiling and hang the chandelier

Total cost $350 roughly.

My inspiration came from this: 

Here's my version that I teased you guys with the other night. 

After looking at it for a few days I feel that its so big and dramatic for my living room. Since our space is so plain and undecorated its mismatched for now. I do have plans to update our living room and vamp it up a little in the near future. I'm not sure when that will happen though. 

Here's a before and after just to show you how dramatic the chandelier really is. 

Here's how our home looks when we first moved in with the same angle. 

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