Thursday, September 5, 2013

DIY simple birthday banner

Here's a little sneak peek of Emily's birthday banner that I made for her. It seems like a tradition for me to make her a birthday banner. Last year I made her a simple black and white cow themed banner. This year it was an owl themed banner. It currently spans about 15 feet across our huge mantle. Sorry the picture is dark and I have a cheap camera phone.  It still needs a lot of decorations but its coming along. I still need to fill the glass vases, cover the brown box white, add pictures to the frames, and finally add more pom poms on the wall.

Here are the before/progress pictures taken during the day time. Sorry I don't know how to turn the pictures. 

I work tomorrow but more updates to come soon. I'll update progress of what I'm doing prior to the actual party date.

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